May 10, 2012

baking pan becomes rainboot tray

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turning a baking pan into a rainboot tray was a quick and easy project.
i say that about ALL my projects, don't i?

actually...it didn't seem that quick. it spanned four days, but each day required only about five minutes of my time.

this is our quasi-entry area as it appears now. 

we have these lovely built-ins that i would never ever get rid of...but we don't really have any books or other sorts of collectibles to display in them. no collectibles i would want within a toddler's reach, anyhow.

so, they have become our shoe shelves.

when i turn my focus to the front-room-slash-entry-area, i plan to hang a simple fabric panel to hide the shoes.

update: see the fabric panels here!

please notice my and K's rainboots under the console.

i've been pondering how to store these.

how about...a baking pan?

day one: find a ((CLEAN)) baking pan, any old baking pan...

prime one side of the pan. let dry overnight.

day two: spraypaint the pan.
i used apple red gloss by rustoleum.

days three and four:
flip the pan over and repeat.

day five:
enjoy the fruits of your labor.

rather, enjoy the single fruit of your barely detectable labor.

* mari


  1. If you had a new baking pan, do you think you would need to prime it?

    We have a bit of space in our entryway that I would love to do something like this so I can keep the dirt/salt/etc contained!


    1. hi maureen! i would still prime the pan because it helps the spraypaint adhere to the metal surface, whether brand new or not. also, i would make sure to use a regular old metal pan, *not* a non-stick pan. :)

  2. In Ontario Canada we also deal with snow and salt on winter boots. I have a pan with white stones to set the boots on the tray has become a little rusty from the water. I think I will paint it white as directed here and return the washed stones and then pay more attention by checking the tray regularly for water laying in the bottom. One of my many spring/summer projects I can do outside.


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