May 31, 2014

tell me what to buy

note: this post is NOT sponsored by lulu & georgia.

a few months ago, i won an instagram contest held by one of my favorite online retailers: lulu & georgia. actually, it was so many months ago that i don't even remember what picture i won for or why. eeps.

but! the most important and exciting part of winning was the prize: $100 credit at lulu & georgia to spend as i wish! happy dance!

i was saving the credit because we initially planned to spend it towards dining chairs or a dining room rug. once those were purchased elsewhere (see here and here), i still had the lulu & georgia credit hanging around.

sooo, i contemplated a couple of throw pillows for the ainslie sofa -- to integrate the purply-maroon color of the new dining room rug into the front room.

May 15, 2014

a handful of air plants

i posted this picture on instagram and a few people were interested in the hands the air plant was nestled in:

May 12, 2014

powder room reno:
the floor

why, hello, strangers! sorry we've been so absent from blogging lately. we're still trying to get used to being a family of four. it turns out our newest member isn't a big fan of sleep -- and i'm beat trying to keep up with him. meanwhile, fish is winning all the bread for our family and making sure K still gets plenty of attention.

in house news, our powder room renovation has finally started --
from the bottom up!

this renovation was meant to be a quick refresh, but it has turned into a full-blown "replace everything but the toilet" kind of situation.