Jun 7, 2014

garbage-picked planter boxes

i was on my way to drop off K at camp when i saw a pile of treasures on the curb, ripe for the taking. sure, it was no more than five or seven houses down from ours, but i have no shame when it comes to garbage-picking. we use our family calendar constantly and K's dump truck is still going strong!

i spotted two of these wood planter boxes and snatched them up.

they were pretty gross.

i blasted them with the hose and they were good as new.
why would someone throw out perfectly good planter boxes??

i originally planned to paint them with K -- a fun craft project! -- but they match our house so spectacularly, i left them as-is. i find i prefer the look of bare wood lately.

now, what to put in them?

off we went to a local nursery to choose our plants!

here's what we came home with: 
rosemary, thyme, spearmint, mint, petunias...

much to my dismay, K lost interest as soon as we came home. he was content to play with his mini-construction site along the back fence.

i did have the company of this little cutie pie though.
five months old already! holy moly.

i arranged our new plants in the shiny clean planter boxes:

...and threw them on our front porch.
the mint and spearmint are for our pet rabbit. :)

the ikea chairs are still going strong. we store them during the winter to help prolong their life. and that's the porch table fish made from a bar stool a couple of years ago!

we still need to bring out the pillows from last year
last year's picture.

i left the other planter box on the ground for now. maybe it'll stay there. 

sooo my plan to reconnect with my oldest fell a little short, but we have fresh herbs now so...a partial win? maybe i can get him to make some cute little plant markers with me.

* mari


  1. I rarely EVER find curb treasures that fab! Great job AND yes, holy moly how is H already 5 months???

    1. i seem to only find usable stuff once every six months or so, right when i've given up on finding anything good. :)


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